• Perfect make-up remover with CAVIAR
  • Gentle make-up removal action
  • Relipidation and hydration action
Content: 200ml             Price: RM228
It’s the first step in a beauty routine, this pre-treatment made with CAVIAR and Damask rose cleanses skin in a single caress.
Its exceptional formula with caviar, known for its rich natural content of omega-3, proteins, minerals and vitamins, dynamize the cellular renewal. Combined with avocado oil and shea butter, it leaves the skin comfortable.
Skin becomes clean, soft and silky.
French caviar extract : French caviar extract boasts nourishing, hydrating and remineralizing properties thanks to its especially high content of proteins and amino acids. 
Its beneficial qualities help to protect skin structures from degradation, leaving skin more supple, elastic and flexible. It also helps fight free radicals and protect cellular structures and membranes from oxidative damages.
Damask rose : Well-known for its soothing and astringent properties, it is ideal for all skin types. It is also rich in anti-aging ingredients and helps fight wrinkles and regenerate the skin. Its heavy concentration of essential fatty acids improves the hydrolipid barrier. Its vitamin E content also provides protection against free radicals.
Shea butter : Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, shea has numerous restorative properties: it deeply relaxes, nourishes and hydrates skin. 
Apply  morning and evening. Perfect your results using THE ESSENCE, the sublimating essence with CAVIAR.

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