Radiance care, anti-fatigue, detoxifying
Activ’Glow complex + Silk tree
Reduces signs of fatigue
Reveals the radiance of the complexion
Unifies the complexion
These days, the frantic pace of life is taking over and is no longer in line with the need for restful sleep. Fatigue then becomes chronic. This is the appearance of signs of fatigue: drawn features and dull complexion. In cells and tissues, wastes accumulate, energy levels are at its lowest level and metabolism is slowed down. This care reduces signs of fatigue on skin while reviving the complexion’s natural radiance.
Its advantage: to go further, a detoxifying active ingredient reduces signs of fatigue and provides a healthy glow effect. Refreshed, the skin is radiant. Detoxified, the complexion is unified, fresh and bright.
Dermatologically tested.
Content: 50ml        Price: RM399
Activ’Glow complex :  This complex, composed of seawater taken near the island of Noirmoutier (France), is deep seawater which, passing through geological layers, absorbs a large amount of minerals. Remineralizing, this active ingredient provides to the skin essential minerals to revitalize, refresh and brighten the complexion. Also detoxifying, it protects skin cells to energize and unify the complexion.
Silk tree : The leaves of this natural extract have the particularity of opening in sunlight and closing at night, a phenomenon called nyctinasty. Persian poets nicknamed it the ''Night sleeper''. It promotes the visible reduction of signs of fatigue by repairing and protecting the skin from damage caused by glycation.
Hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight :  Known to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, the hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight hydrates and plumps the epidermis of the most dull and tired skins.
Vitamin cocktail : Composed of three vitamins (A, E and C), known for their antioxidant properties, it prevents the acceleration of skin aging induced by free radicals, and unifies the complexion.
Apply morning and evening to the face, neck and décolleté after the Glow-Serum of the Réponse Éclat.

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